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Issue of the Day: Education Budget Cut for 2008
Project America - Issue of the Day: Education Budget Cut for 2008

Published Friday, January 23rd, 2009

The Department of Education currently administers a budget of $68.6 billion per year—$59.2 billion in discretionary appropriations and $9.4 billion in mandatory appropriations.  It is important to note that education in America is primarily a State and local taxes, and Education’s budget is only a small part of both total national education spending and the overall Federal budget. Yet, the Department operates programs that touch on every area and level of education.

The budget for the Department of Education in 2008 was cut 1.75% across the board which was applied equally to all domestic programs, yet dollar amount it is $1 billion more than the 2007 budget. Those programs increased were Title I by $1 billion to $13.9 billion; improving teacher quality increased $48 million to $2.94 billion; Special Education Grants increased $165 million to $1.08 billion. Those cut include the Career and Technical Education programs, which decreased $20 million to $1.16 billion; the Reading First program cut $643 million to $506 Million. Zeroed out were $99 million in state grants for innovative programs and $11 million for the Star Schools program which helps telecommunications and distance education programs. Also, another major cut was the $64 million from the Safe and Drug Free Schools program to $513 million.

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