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Overall federal spending by program.
Overall federal spending by program.  

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Departments with Largest Recovery Monies Nearly 50% Paid Out
Published Friday, July 31st, 2009

According to the Obama Administration’s website Recovery.gov, federal agencies receiving American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 funds are submitting weekly financial and activity reports detailing their recovery activities. These reports are supposed to update government officials, Congress, and the public on how much is being spent. They also list the agencies’ completed and planned actions related to the Recovery Act. The spending data covers total dollars made available and total dollars paid out. Along with the data are links to Inspectors General pages: Findings, Status ReportsRecovery PlansTestimony, and Government Accountability Office Findings. Report misuse of Recovery funds to Inspectors General Hotlines and find Whistleblower Information. And there are links to State Recovery Sites and Tribal News to learn about recovery progress in your area.

The Departments and Agencies with the largest monies made available are the Department of Education at $55.093 billion, and they have used about 20% to date, the Department of Health and Human Services at $41.254 billion (60% used), the Department of Labor at $23.458 billion (50% used), the Department of Transportation at $22.663 billion (45% used), and the Social Security Administration at $13.112 billion (98% used). This is on top of yearly federal budget spending per program.

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