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Overall rate of the national population who report auto theft per year from 1960 to 2007.
Overall rate of the national population who report auto theft per year from 1960 to 2007.  

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Despite Fears, Crime Rates Are Down
Published Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

In the news, Gov. Blagojevich of Chicago is arrested on corruption ‘crime spree’; report accuses Virginia and 9 other states of causing 57% of all gun related murder due to loose gun laws; and shoppers are being told to ‘be more cautious.’ This may seem like the season for crime to run amok, but according to the new statistics from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report crime is on a decline.

According to the FBI, crime rates in 2007 broke the trend as incidents of murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault went down as compared to 2006.  Murder/manslaughter is down by 900 incidents; rape and robbery are down 2300 incidents seperatly; and aggrivated assault is down by 15,000 incidents.  As for property crime, the numbers are down for the fifth straight year.  Motor vehicle theft is down a wopping 8.1%, as incidents went down 97,040 incidents to 1,095,769 incidents for the year.  Larceny-theft went down 0.6% and burglary went down 0.2%.  Collectively during 2006-2007, property crimes amounted to $17.6 Billion lost.

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