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The number of background checks of gun license applications received as required by the Brady Law.
The number of background checks of gun license applications received as required by the Brady Law.  

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Pennsylvania Mayors Push Gun Control
Published Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, lawmakers in Pennsylvania are creating a grassroots movement to enact tougher gun-control laws, such as those recently passed in New Jersey like a monthly handgun purchase limit. About the same time the Brady Laws were fully established in 1998, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted the General Assembly the exclusive right to regulate firearms; city ordinances are thus null and void. Yet, nearly one hundred mayors across the state — including Philadelphia — have signed on to support legislation in an effort to stem the flow of illegal gun sales. The National Rifle Association has geared up for more court battles with this new push.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 instituted the National Criminal Background Check System; in 1998, it became the National Instant Background Check System, both serving to deny illegal sales. In the first 10 years of the NICS operation, the system processed more than 90 million background checks. With technology, the NICS has increased efficiency of the checks with the growth of the NICS Index and retrieval of final disposition information for all criminal history records. One of the obstacles to the NICS is the slow process of confirming conviction; measures are underway to provide a better flow of information from local, state and federal courts to the system’s examiners.

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U.S. Department Of Justice: Brady Law -
Describes background checks for firearm transfers conducted in 2003, and presents trends during the Permanent Brady Period (1999-2003). This annual report provides the number of applications checked by State points of contact, estimates of the number of applications checked by local agencies, the number of applications rejected, the reasons for rejection, and estimates of applications and rejections conducted by each type of approval system.

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