Maintaining Nonpartisanship

Project America’s staff identifies quantifiable indicators by which a broad range of issues can be measured. Staff also determine the appropriate sources of these specific indicators, which may include governmental and non-governmental organizations. To eliminate a perception of bias, Project America’s review committee evaluates the issue metrics, sources, and presentation.

To maintain nonpartisanship in the beta stage of the site’s creation, Project America has recruited two professors of political science to evaluate the site’s issue content:

Garry Jennings – Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Maryland – has served as beta development advisor, together with a colleague in his department to provide political counterbalance. Professor Jennings is head of the Madison Center which serves the campus through its study of democracy, human rights and the U.S. Constitution. The center’s primary mission is engaging the university in the primary activities of citizenship by sponsoring research, symposia, and seminars linking theory with practice, constitutionalism with citizenship, and principle with policy. The Center's primary mission, as a function of its broader mission, is to support programs that help inform students of their constitutional duties and rights. His courses include: U.S. Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, Ancient and Medieval Political Theory, The Democracy Project, and Great Books Courses.

Ms. Arlene Sanders MSCD, M.Ed, Professor of Political Science, Delta State University- has served as a beta development advisor, together with Dr. Garry Jennings as a political counterbalance. Her service to the community has included the Citizens Engagement Workshop, America Reads Mississippi, and the Fannie Lou Hamer Legacy Member.  She has been on the board of the Agora Club, the Delta Emerging Leaders Program and has won the Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year for 1998-1999 and 2005-2006.  Her courses include: American National Government, State and Local Government, American Political Parties, Minority Politics, Women and Politics, Government Regulation of Business, Black Political Thought, and the American Presidency and Legislation.